What We Do

Business Advisory

We provide personalized advisory services to clients seeking to embark on new business opportunities by assessing the feasibility of such ventures in the ever changing business environment. The information gathered is used as input for a business plan document that includes a detailed financial projection report to enable clients make informed decisions regarding their proposed investment. Our approach is beyond the conventional as we are not interested in simply providing feasibility plan to our clients; we believe in working with them through every stage of the business venture in order for them to achieve their ultimate goal of running a successful business enterprise.

Project Finance Advisory

We provide advisory services to clients embarking on commercial projects by assisting in enhancing and properly structuring the development concept to ascertain its viability. This also involves working out the sensitivity of the key performance indicators and seeing how well they align with the client’s goals and objectives. Furthermore, we also prepare the documents required to raise the financing necessary to develop the project, which will ensure that the project is completed to specification, within budget and on time.

Commercial Finance Advisory

Conventional bank financing is becoming increasingly inaccessible to small and middle market companies as credit criteria continues to tighten. Thus, many middle market companies are unable to secure commercial funding through traditional sources, particularly if financing needs are immediate or your company balance sheet is not up to strict bank standards necessary to secure a line of credit. Chaste Capital has the expertise and the dedication to ensure that your business secures the right financial solution as quickly as possible.

Business Valuation and Appraisal

We work with our clients not only to determine the value of a business, but also to help business owners realize areas where improvements can enhance the bottom line, increase revenues, and ultimately maximize the net value of their business. The valuations done are essential to exit strategy planning, business development as well as for acquisition. We use a blend of traditional and proprietary methods to determine value of businesses.

Financial Training

In an environment where there is a drive for excellence and continuous personal and professional development, it is paramount to keep with the pace of growth in the wealth of knowledge especially in the financial industry. We are involved in helping clients keep up with the increasing pace of knowledge acquisition as we facilitate financial trainings that help unlock value to their company and career.

Have a question or need our service?

At Chaste Capital Advisory Limited, we derive our pleasure in offering the best services to our clients which is why we are available to our existing and new clients to answer all your enquiries 24/7. We can be reached on +234 704 3332 211